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(Roadmap Update)

MRS PEPE Roadmap Update

Major Updates





We’re excited to introduce you to the MRS PEPE MEME GENERATOR APP, and we want to share why it’s so much fun to have this pretty cool tool at your fingertips.

Express Your Creativity
With the MRS PEPE MEME GENERATOR, you become the artist! Unleash your creativity by crafting unique MRS PEPE memes that reflect your sense of humor and style. Whether you’re a seasoned meme-maker or a newbie, there’s no limit to what you can create.

Spread Laughter and Joy
Memes are more than just images with captions; they’re a universal language of humor. Sharing MRS PEPE memes on social media brings smiles to faces all around the world. It’s a fantastic way to brighten someone’s day and share the love for our beloved MRS PEPE.

Connect with the Community
Creating and sharing MRS PEPE memes is a great way to connect with fellow community members. It’s like an inside joke that only true MRS PEPE enthusiasts understand. Join conversations, spark discussions, and make new friends who share your passion.

Weekly Meme Competition
Get ready for some friendly competition! We’re thrilled to announce our upcoming Weekly Meme Competition. Show off your meme-making skills and vie for the title of “Highest Voted Meme of the Week.” It’s your chance to shine and win exciting rewards.

Boost Engagement
Memes are attention-grabbers. When you post a hilarious or thought-provoking MRS PEPE meme, you’ll notice increased engagement on your social media profiles. More likes, shares, and comments mean a broader reach for MRS PEPE and our community.

Share the MRS PEPE Love
MRS PEPE represents not just a cryptocurrency project but a movement fueled by positivity, inclusivity, and innovation. Your MRS PEPE memes are a powerful way to share these values with the world. Spread the MRS PEPE love far and wide!

Easy to Use
Our MEME GENERATOR APP is user-friendly, making meme creation a breeze. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to get started. Just a few clicks, and you’ll have a MRS PEPE meme ready to share with the world.

The MRS PEPE MEME GENERATOR APP adds an exciting and creative dimension to our community. It’s about having fun, connecting with fellow enthusiasts, and spreading positivity through humor. So, let’s embrace the power of memes and get ready for the Weekly Meme Competition—may the funniest meme win!

Stay Creative, Stay Connected, And Let the MRS PEPE Spirit Thrive!



Having our own MRS PEPE Podcast Channel is an essential step for our community’s growth and outreach.

It enables us to reach a global audience through major platforms which include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, TuneIN, Listen Notes, Pocket Casts, Pod Chaser, Deezer, YouTube Podcasts, and SoundCloud.

By expanding to these platforms, we unlock the potential to introduce the MRS PEPE brand to curious new audiences worldwide.

Podcasts provide an engaging medium for sharing our project’s story, vision, and insights.

They allow us to connect with listeners on a personal level, creating a stronger bond between our community and potential investors.

With every episode, we have the opportunity to showcase our expertise, discuss industry trends, and highlight the unique aspects of MRS PEPE.

Through this podcast channel, we can foster a sense of trust and transparency with our audience.

Regular episodes can cover a range of topics, from crypto updates and investment strategies to project developments and community stories.

By doing so, we not only educate our listeners but also create a space for meaningful discussions and Q&A sessions.

Moreover, distributing our podcasts on these major platforms gives us the potential for exponential growth.

We can tap into the massive user bases of these platforms, attracting individuals who may have never heard of MRS PEPE before.

The exposure to such diverse audiences increases our chances of attracting new investors, contributors, and supporters who believe in our vision.

By having our very own MRS PEPE Podcast Channel unlocks a very powerful promotional tool for expanding our reach, building trust, and engaging with a broader audience.

It allows us to showcase our expertise, share valuable insights, and ultimately attract more interest and investment in our project.

Through podcasting, we’re not just spreading the word about MRS PEPE – we’re creating an inclusive and informative space for our community to thrive.



Overwhelming Vote as to what the next Podcast will be about.







(Roadmap Update)

MRS PEPE Roadmap Update

✅ https://mrspepe.link
✅ https://mrspepe.co
✅ https://mrspepe.co/pepesmash
✅ https://roadmap.mrspepe.co
✅ https://dao.mrspepe.co
✅ https://merch.mrspepe.co
✅ https://arcade.mrspepe.co
✅ https://betatesters.mrspepe.co
✅ https://ambassadors.mrspepe.co
✅ https://pepedex.pro
✅ https://mrspepe.charity


✅ https://t.me/mrspepeog






(Roadmap Update)


Thankfully, only a few weeks in, it came to our attention that the Mrs Pepe Official Website @


Was put on a global risk database that a lot of worldwide ISP (Internet Service Provider’s) use.

Thankfully we picked it up on this issue early and despite the site being completely 100% safe and secure,
upon reaching out to the big police of the internet


Asking them to recrawl the site, they came back with this response

“Hello Mrs Pepe,


Virus Total only aggregates data from a variety of vendors. We produce no verdicts of our own and as such, we can’t modify these results. We are not intended to be an authoritative reputation engine, but rather provide intelligence and context to users so that they can make the best decision. 1/60 and even 5/60 doesn’t automatically mean “Bad”, and 0/60 doesn’t always mean good. Each decision on whether something is malicious ultimately the responsibility of users or the security vendors who use the data to improve their services.”


Below are the steps to take if you want to fix a false positive report.

  1. If the false positive is for a File or a URL try re-scanning first.
  2. If the false positive persists please reach out to the vendor that is producing it providing a link to the Virus Total report. List of vendor contacts can be found at the table below.
  3. If you do reach out to us, we will tell you to reach out to the vendors, as we will not be able to modify any results of scans.
  4. We cache some URL results. If vendors have confirmed removal but a URL is still detecting, please reach out to us along with evidence that the vendor has removed your URL from the blacklist, as we may be able to speed up propagation.

    Below is a list of vendor contacts that may help:

    *We wont list all the vendors as there are 100+*

    In summarizing, during the last few weeks and up to this very second, we have surely have been missing out on a lot of web traffic.

    So the solution is to migrate our website and sub domains to


    Whilst this may seem a tad frustrating adding a 24 to 36 hour setback for the team, we are choosing to look at it as a Positive


POSITIVE REASON 1: The website mrspepe.vip will still work perfectly with no issues at all, including all existing emails also, so no worries in this aspect.

POSITIVE REASON 2: It’s only month 1 into our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Campaign, so we can catch up very quick.

We have had this happen to clients on multiple occasions with 3+ years SEO work performed blow up in smoke, literally as customers could no longer access the clients site.

It just is what it is. Suck it up buttercup, as they say 😊

POSITIVE REASON 3: The soon to be existing website mrspepe.vip will still be active, and, anyone who has, or, clicks on the old link will not be interrupted in anyway (including countries and ISP’s like telstra.com which are currently blocking mrspepe.vip as we speak).

It will now be able to be accessed from ISP’s currently blocking access without a big scary warning that this site has been reported as unsafe.

It also means a totally clean break in every possible way from MRS PEPE v1.

You may have noticed, luckily, EVERY Single Social Profile we have is beautifully branded perfectly with all profiles ending with @mrspepeog – Our TG Portal, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Medium, Tumblr, and, recently applied for Wikipedia…… (I think) that covers them all 🥇 #phew

POSITIVE REASON 4: Lucky we found this out now, barely 1 month in. Would not be so positive 6+ months in… etc 🙏🏽

POSITIVE REASON 5: We have the resources to clean this last piece of v1 mess up within 24 to 36 hours.

It also adds to the narrative to the Projects Underdog Status, and it’s, let’s say, “interesting history”, and, that despite
what hurdles or challenges we face, the new team will address them head on no matter what.

It’s added even more fuel to the 🔥 to Smash past previous All Time Highs with the rebranded launch imminent!

POSTIVE REASON 6: It will no doubt be even more motivating considering Search Engine Optimization is a long term play,
so our SEO experts will be very motivated to rank for every single PEPE related keyword you can think off.

And now, including ranking for multi-lingual keywords, (as per below), prior to the next bull run kicking off
when people will no doubt be searching for PEPE on Google, and, just happen to find us in the mix.

Just out of sheer curiosity seeing “MRS PEPE” show up, inevitably, we will get more clicks, more exposure,
more interest and more investors aping in!

POSITIVE REASON 7: Every cloud has a silver lining.

This phrase suggests that even in difficult or challenging situations, there is often a positive aspect or outcome to be found.

It encourages people to look for the bright side and remain optimistic in the face of such challenges.

For example, if you check the keyword “PEPE” on Google Trends (Link Below), America ranks 47th searching for PEPE on Google,
whilst Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries dominate.

It has certainly opened the teams eyes to tap into these equally Crypto obsessed nations and market to them.

Gone are the days of hiring expensive translators to manually translate content from English to other languages.

With the help of the many AI tools available, we can now accomplish this task swiftly and effortlessly.

This remarkable advancement not only saves valuable time and resources but also ensures accurate and efficient translations that meet the needs of our global audience.

Embracing AI technology (before they become sentient and enslave us mere mortals) #justkidding am sure they’ll have a soft spot for Mrs Pepe and her family of 🐸 ;-)

Corny jokes aside, it has made communication across languages more accessible and convenient than ever before.

Continuing from Point 5, let’s all get even more audacious and make MRS PEPE a Global Phenomenon! 🌍

REFERENCE 1: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today%201-m&q=pepe&hl=en-GB

REFERENCE 2: https://support.google.com/trends/answer/4355212




virustotal.com/gui/domain/mrspepe.vip VS virustotal.com/gui/domain/mrspepe.co


etherscan.io Token Page








(Roadmap Update)



Ensuring a fair, rewarding, and transparent Play 2 Earn payout system is paramount to the success and trustworthiness of PEPE SMASH. To achieve this, we have launched a Beta Test Landing Page, aiming to invite 500 dedicated PEPE SMASH users

This initiative will help us gather invaluable interlinear player data, fine-tuning our payout system based on real-world interactions

The Layout of the PEPE SMASH Ad Strategy is geared towards optimizing every dollar spent

We don’t want to overspend at the very outset as we will be A/B Split Testing Everything

A/B Split Testing

We will launch one campaign with 10 ad sets under it. Each ad set will have slightly different targeting, but the same 2 creatives

Until we have more data there is no point in getting too crazy with the targeting

For now, we will use location targeting (As PEPE SMASH was essentially created for mass adoption in 3rd World Countries), and, “Interest Targeting”

Each ad set will have the same location targeting but and 1 interest targeting, each interest will be different

After 72 hours we will take a look at performance

After 72 hours the ads will be running smoothly in the algorithm

We will identify the top 3 ad sets, and scrap the rest

We will then look at the creatives for those 3 ad sets, and identify the top performing messaging

If one of the creatives is significantly outperforming the other, then we will scrap the other creative

There are lots of different avenues we can take at this point so we will wait and see what results we get hit with

Ad Spend Strategy

At this point we will have a good idea of what is performing well and we can confidently allocate more funds to advertisement

Example ($ In Example is just for Simplicity)

$50/day across 10 ad sets = $5/day per ad set

Facebook will give us more advertising reach the more money we spend, so keeping a low budget on each ad set will give us a good idea on what is working well and what is not working

*Scrap 7 bottom performers

$50/day across 3 ad sets = $16.6/day per ad set

With the same budget, we will get far more reach than we did with the 10 ad sets.

We will be then be able to run retargeting campaigns after we gather enough data.

At this point it is very useful to increase ad spend as we are running a campaign with 3 high performing ad sets

(Note: We can even combine into one ad set which can further optimize the algorithm (*a million different avenues, cross that bridge when it comes), and, also, a campaign which is targeting everyone who was close to converting.

The creatives will be very similar, just different messaging

The idea here is that we use the same imagery (In our case we will use Gameplay Footage as this is pretty standard for apps), with slightly different titles

Starting With
Opening line on creative 1: “Want to make money from your couch?”
Opening line on creative 2: “Earn $ from anywhere”


Phase 1

Campaign: Attract Players
Ad set 1
Targeting: Video Games
Ad set 2
Targeting: Mobile App
Ad set 3
Targeting: Social Media
Ad set 4
Targeting: Puzzle Game
Ad set 5
Targeting: Frogs
Ad set 6
Targeting: Candy Crush
Ad set 7
Targeting: Entrepreneurship
Ad set 8
Targeting: Money
Ad set 9
Targeting: Investing
Ad set 10
Targeting: Ecommerce

Phase 2

Campaign: Attract Players
Ad Set Top Performer 1
Ad Set Top Performer 2
Ad Set Top Performer 3

Phase 3

Campaign: Attract Players
Ad Set Top Performer 1
Ad Set Top Performer 2
Ad Set Top Performer 3

Campaign: Retargeting
Ad Set 1

Negotiating to Partner with 3 well known Charities

Outreach has started with the following Messaging Used as a 1st Test

Subject Line: Partnership Opportunity : Joining Hands with MRS PEPE for Holistic Poverty Alleviation

Dear [Charity Representative’s Name/Charity Name],

I hope this message finds you well.

My name is Andy Haslett, and I represent the MRS PEPE Project, a pioneering initiative that blends financial innovation with a deep-rooted commitment to creating tangible, positive change in the world.

We are reaching out with an exciting opportunity to collaborate.

As part of our mission, we are actively seeking to partner with three renowned charities in Africa and Asia, and we believe [Change here to the Charity Name] aligns perfectly with our vision and objectives.

You can learn more about our charitable endeavors @ mrspepe.charity

Why Partner with MRS PEPE?

Holistic Approach to Poverty: We recognize that poverty is multifaceted, extending beyond financial constraints. Our aim is to address the root causes, ensuring interventions are comprehensive and impactful.

Dedicated Funding: We have committed to setting aside 5% from all our Play-to-Earn Gaming Revenue to support our chosen charity partners, ensuring consistent and substantial financial support.

Focus Areas: Our collaboration will span various domains, including:

Education Initiatives: Building schools, training educators, and more.

Healthcare Access: Mobile health clinics, vaccination drives, etc.

Clean Water & Sanitation: Digging wells, water purification, and community education.

Shelter & Infrastructure: Providing safe shelters and supporting infrastructure projects.

Sustainability & Long-Term Impact: Emphasizing sustainable solutions for long-term community benefits.

Transparency & Accountability: We prioritize clear reporting and regular audits, ensuring our community is informed about the impact of their contributions.

Community Engagement: Beyond financial contributions, we aim to foster a deep sense of community involvement through volunteering, awareness campaigns, and more.

Cultural Sensitivity & Local Empowerment: All our interventions are designed to respect and uplift local cultures, traditions, and values.

We believe that by joining hands, we can amplify our impact and bring about transformative change in the communities we serve.

Our partnership is not just about charity; it’s about empowerment, dignity, and hope.

We would be honored to discuss this potential collaboration further and explore how we can align our efforts for maximum impact.

Please let us know a suitable time for you, and we can arrange a detailed presentation or meeting.

Thank you for considering this partnership.

We are excited about the possibility of working together to make a lasting difference.

Warm Regards,

Project Manager @ MRS PEPE
Email: support@mrspepe.charity

Web (Project): https://mrspepe.co
Web (Charities): https://mrspepe.charity

v1 to v2 Migration dAPP Completed

This was some accomplishment

Based on the Marketcap Snapshot taken, which, was announced  loud and cler to all weeks prior took place on Sep 6th – 3am UTC, and, taken directly from Etherscan.io here

Any purchases of v1 tokens after this date will be considered null and void

We have beta tested a creation of the Mrs Pepe v1 original contract paired with the new Mrs Pepe v2 contract on the Sepolia Ether Testnet

All is working seamlessly and perfectly! YES!

Launch off $MRS PEPE Ambassadors Global Network


The $MRS PEPE Ambassadors Global Network represents the Pinnacle of Community Engagement and Leadership.

This initiative is designed to identify, nurture, and empower individuals who can represent the $MRS PEPE brand on a global stage, acting as regional torchbearers and evangelists.

We will be recoding the form at the bottom with a lot more detail prior to official rollout beginning shortly

(IE – Which State/County in Which Country do you wish to apply for)
(IE – Option = California, USA)

The rollout will continue post launch until all positions are filled

All Mrs Pepe Official Ambassadors will be KYC’d to ensure adherence to our internal compliance policies.

Ongoing and Near Completion

The $MRS PEPE Official Discord Server is Near Complete and Ready to Go

(We are near launch with node.js integration onto our VPS Server – It’s going to be up there with the Best of the Best Discord Servers!)

Sending selected MRS PEPE OG Members Sepolia Testnet $MRS PEPE Tokens to test our DAO @

(Finding Fawcets to obtain enough Sepolia Ether Tokens to ensure proper testing is a lot more challenging than expected, once enough test Ether is collected, they will be sent to selected community members to kick start what is truly a community driven project)

Press Release Announcement to Major News Networks Covering the $MRS PEPE Project

(Our PR Agency has given us the first draft to be published shortly. Press releases are a critical tool in the arsenal of any project aiming for widespread recognition and credibility. For our Project it serves as a bridge between our Innovative Roadmap, Vision, and, the broader public, especially when communicated through major news networks)


(We are near launch and will have our very own, Mrs Pepe Branded, Intuitive and User Friendly Meme Maker Website App which will not only be fun to use and create Pepe memes, it will be be great to hold community competitions for voting on the weeks “most popular meme” as voted by the community)

(Roadmap Update)

Recreation of a New Refreshing $MRS PEPE Token Page

In our continuous endeavor to enhance user experience and stay updated with the evolving digital landscape, we’re thrilled to announce the recreation of our $MRS PEPE Token Page. This revamped page, accessible at https://mrspepe.vip, is designed to be more intuitive, informative, and engaging for our community. Here’s a deep dive into what will be new and improved.

Modern Design Aesthetics

Adopting a contemporary design language that aligns with the latest web design trends. Utilizing vibrant color palettes, dynamic animations, and interactive elements to captivate visitors.

User-Centric Navigation

Streamlined menus and clear call-to-action buttons for effortless navigation. Quick links to essential sections, ensuring users find what they’re looking for with ease.

Enhanced Mobile Responsiveness

Ensuring the page is fully optimized for mobile devices, providing a seamless experience across all screen sizes. Faster load times and touch-friendly interfaces for mobile users.

Community Engagement Features

Integration of live chat and community forums to foster interaction among the $MRS PEPE community. Real-time updates and announcements to keep users informed about the latest developments.

Educational Resources

Dedicated sections offering tutorials, FAQs, and guides about the $MRS PEPE token and its ecosystem. Video demonstrations and webinars for those who prefer visual learning.

Security Enhancements

Implementing advanced security protocols to protect user data and ensure safe interactions on the page. Regular audits and updates to guard against potential threats.

Feedback Mechanism

Incorporating a user feedback system, allowing visitors to share their experiences, report issues, or suggest improvements. This feedback will be instrumental in guiding future updates and refinements.

Integration with Social Channels

Direct links and feeds from $MRS PEPE’s official social media channels, ensuring users stay connected and updated. Embedded widgets for real-time social media interactions without leaving the page.

SEO Optimization

Implementing best SEO practices to improve the page’s visibility on search engines. Regular content updates, meta-tag optimizations, and backlink strategies to boost organic traffic.

The recreation of the $MRS PEPE Token Page is more than just a visual overhaul; it’s a testament to our commitment to providing our community with the best possible online experience. We believe that this refreshed page will not only cater to our existing community but will also attract new enthusiasts to the vibrant world of $MRS PEPE.

Communication & Transparency

Keeping all participants informed through regular updates via email, the official website, and social media channels. Addressing any queries or concerns promptly through dedicated support channels.

Community Engagement & Feedback

Soliciting feedback from participants about their experience during the private sale. Using this feedback to make improvements in future fundraising or token sale events.

Roadmap Updates

Constantly updating the project’s roadmap to reflect milestones achieved and outlining the next steps. Keeping the community engaged and informed about upcoming developments and initiatives.

Comprehensive & Detailed Marketing Plan Documented for Sustainable Long Term Growth

In the dynamic world fast paced world of Crypto a robust marketing strategy is paramount. Recognizing this, we’ve meticulously crafted a comprehensive and detailed marketing plan aimed at ensuring sustainable long-term growth for $MRS PEPE. This plan is not just about immediate gains; it’s about building a legacy. Here’s a deep dive into our strategic blueprint.

Market Analysis

Comprehensive research into current market trends, competitor analysis, and potential opportunities. Identifying target demographics, their preferences, and behaviors to tailor our marketing efforts.

Branding & Positioning

Establishing a strong, consistent brand identity for $MRS PEPE across all platforms. Positioning $MRS PEPE as a leader and innovator in the crypto space, emphasizing its unique value propositions.

Content Strategy

Curating high-quality content, including articles, videos, infographics, and podcasts, to educate and engage our audience. Collaborating with industry experts and influencers for guest posts, interviews, and joint content ventures.

Digital Advertising

Launching targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, and crypto-specific sites. Utilizing retargeting strategies to re-engage potential investors and community members.

Community Building & Engagement

Strengthening our presence on platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Reddit to foster community discussions. Hosting regular AMAs (Ask Me Anything), webinars, and interactive sessions to maintain transparency and engagement.

Influencer Partnerships

Collaborating with crypto influencers and thought leaders for reviews, shoutouts, and promotional campaigns. Leveraging their reach to introduce $MRS PEPE to a broader audience.

Event Sponsorships & Participation

Sponsoring and attending major crypto and blockchain events, conferences, and seminars. Organizing $MRS PEPE-specific events, both online and offline, to engage with the community and potential partners.

SEO & Organic Growth

Implementing best SEO practices to improve the visibility of $MRS PEPE’s official website and content. Regularly updating the blog with relevant content to drive organic traffic and establish authority.

Feedback & Iteration

Actively seeking feedback on our marketing initiatives to understand what’s working and what’s not. Regularly revisiting and refining the marketing strategy based on performance metrics and community feedback.

Social Media Links

Integrating updated links to our official social media profiles, including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and others. This ensures users can directly access our active community platforms for real-time updates and discussions.

Whitepaper Integration

Uploading the latest version of our whitepaper, which provides in-depth information about $MRS PEPE’s vision, technology, roadmap, and more. Ensuring that the whitepaper link is active and directs users to a secure and accessible document.

Audit Documentation

Displaying the results of our recent professional audit, showcasing the security and integrity of our smart contract. Providing a downloadable link to the full audit report, allowing users to delve into the technical specifics and findings.

Project Description & Overview

Refreshing the project’s description to reflect the latest milestones, objectives, and vision. Giving newcomers a concise yet comprehensive understanding of what $MRS PEPE stands for.

Logo & Branding Elements

Ensuring the latest logo and branding elements are displayed, maintaining consistency across all platforms. This helps in instant recognition and brand recall.

Contact & Support

Providing updated contact details, including official email addresses, for user queries, partnerships, or press inquiries. Highlighting the primary support channels where users can get quick assistance.

Beta Test Landing Page for 500 PEPE Smash Users to Gather Interlinear Player Data

Ensuring a fair, rewarding, and transparent Play 2 Earn payout system is paramount to the success and trustworthiness of PEPE SMASH. To achieve this, we’re launching a Beta Test Landing Page, aiming to invite 500 dedicated PEPE SMASH users. This initiative will help us gather invaluable interlinear player data, fine-tuning our payout system based on real-world interactions. Here’s an in-depth look at this strategic move.

Purpose of the Beta Test

To simulate real-world gaming scenarios and understand player behavior. To test the efficiency, fairness, and transparency of the Play 2 Earn payout system. To identify potential issues or discrepancies that might arise during actual gameplay.

Design & User Experience

The landing page will be designed to be intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly, ensuring easy navigation for participants.

Clear call-to-action buttons, guiding users through the process of joining the beta test.

Invitation Mechanics

Targeting 500 dedicated PEPE SMASH users, ensuring a diverse mix of players in terms of gameplay style, duration, and expertise. Using criteria like gameplay hours, in-game achievements, and community involvement to select potential testers.

Data Collection & Privacy

Implementing tools to gather interlinear player data, such as gameplay duration, in-game decisions, and earning patterns.

Ensuring all data collection adheres to privacy regulations, with clear disclaimers and opt-in options for participants.

Feedback Channels

Integrating feedback forms and channels within the landing page, allowing users to report bugs, suggest improvements, or share their overall experience. Hosting virtual meet-ups or AMAs post-testing to discuss findings and gather more qualitative feedback.

Rewards & Incentives

Offering exclusive rewards or bonuses to the beta testers as a token of appreciation for their time and feedback. This could include in-game assets, early access to new features, or even real-world merchandise.

Transparency & Updates

Providing real-time updates on the landing page about the number of spots filled, the testing phase’s progress, and any preliminary findings. Ensuring testers are kept in the loop about how their feedback is being implemented.

Post-Beta Analysis

Once the beta test concludes, the gathered data will be analyzed meticulously to understand player behavior and the payout system’s effectiveness. Adjustments and refinements will be made to the Play 2 Earn system based on these insights.

Community Engagement

Sharing the findings and changes made post-beta with the broader PEPE SMASH community.

This fosters trust and showcases the project’s commitment to continuous improvement.

The Beta Test Landing Page for PEPE SMASH users is more than just a testing phase; it’s a testament to our

dedication to creating a fair and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

By involving our community in this crucial step, we’re not only gathering invaluable data but also strengthening

the bond of trust and collaboration with our players.

Together, we aim to make PEPE SMASH’s Play 2 Earn system a benchmark in the P2E Crypto Niche.

Influencer Invitations being sent to well known industry veterans to promote $MRS PEPE prior to launch

In the age of digital media, influencers play a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and driving engagement. Recognizing their immense potential, we’re curating specialized influencer invitations aimed at well-known industry veterans. This initiative is designed to amplify the reach and credibility of $MRS PEPE prior to its launch. Here’s a comprehensive look at our influencer outreach strategy.

Targeted Selection

Handpicking influencers based on their relevance to the crypto and blockchain space, ensuring their audience aligns with our target demographic. Prioritizing influencers known for their authenticity, credibility, and insightful content.

Personalized Outreach

Crafting personalized invitation messages that highlight the unique value proposition of $MRS PEPE, ensuring it resonates with the influencer’s ethos and interests. Using the one link @ https://mrspepe.link to provide influencers with a seamless, branded experience, offering them all the information they need in one place.

Collaborative Content Creation

Encouraging influencers to co-create content, allowing them to infuse their unique style while aligning with $MRS PEPE’s messaging. This could range from interviews, AMAs, video reviews, to in-depth analysis of the $MRS PEPE ecosystem.

Exclusive Access & Benefits

Offering influencers early access to $MRS PEPE features, updates, or events, giving them exclusive content to share with their audience. Providing them with special incentives, bonuses, or affiliate programs to make the collaboration mutually beneficial.

Feedback & Insights

Valuing influencers not just for their promotional capabilities but also for their insights and feedback on $MRS PEPE. Their experience and understanding of the industry can offer valuable perspectives to refine our project further.

Transparency & Authenticity

Ensuring that all collaborations maintain a high level of transparency, with influencers disclosing the promotional nature of their content. This fosters trust among their audience and aligns with ethical marketing practices.

Engagement Metrics & Analysis

Tracking the performance of influencer-led campaigns using metrics like engagement rate, click-throughs, conversions, and audience sentiment. This data will be instrumental in understanding the ROI and optimizing future influencer collaborations.

Long-Term Relationships

Beyond the initial promotion, aiming to build long-term relationships with these influencers, making them integral parts of the $MRS PEPE community. Regular check-ins, updates, and collaborative opportunities to keep the relationship active and mutually beneficial.

Influencer collaborations are more than just promotional tactics; they’re strategic partnerships that can significantly amplify a project’s reach and credibility. By engaging with industry veterans for $MRS PEPE’s promotion, we aim to tap into their expertise, audience, and influence, setting the stage for a successful launch. With their support and our community’s enthusiasm, we’re poised to make a significant mark in the crypto space.

Negotiating to Partner with 3 Well Known Charities

The MRS PEPE Project is not just about financial innovation but also about creating meaningful, tangible change in the world.

In line with this vision, we’re in advanced negotiations to partner with three renowned African and Asian Charities.

These organizations will be promoted and accessible via our charities website @ https://mrspepe.charity

with 5% from all P2E Gaming Revenue set aside to help our chosen 3 charity partners.

We are in the vetting stage, ensuring our partners are dedicated to holistic poverty alleviation, recognizing that

poverty transcends mere financial constraints. Here’s an in-depth exploration of this strategic collaboration.

Holistic Understanding of Poverty

Aligning with charities that view poverty as a multifaceted issue, encompassing not just financial scarcity but also barriers to basic human rights. This holistic approach ensures that interventions are comprehensive, addressing the root causes and not just the symptoms of poverty.

Education Initiatives:

Partnering with charities that prioritize education, understanding that it’s a powerful tool to break the cycle of poverty. Supporting projects like building schools, training teachers, providing educational materials, and granting scholarships to underprivileged children.

Healthcare Access:

Collaborating with organizations that work towards providing essential healthcare services to remote and underserved communities. This includes initiatives like mobile health clinics, vaccination drives, maternal health programs, and more.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Recognizing that access to clean water is a fundamental human right, and its scarcity is a significant contributor to poverty and disease. Supporting projects that focus on digging wells, purifying water sources, and educating communities about sanitation.

Shelter & Infrastructure

Partnering with charities that help provide safe and durable shelters to families, protecting them from environmental hazards and ensuring a dignified living. Also, supporting infrastructure projects like building roads, bridges, and community centers.

Transparency & Accountability

Ensuring that the chosen charities maintain the highest standards of transparency, with clear reporting on how funds are utilized. Regular audits and updates to the MRS PEPE community about the impact of their contributions.

Community Engagement

Encouraging the MRS PEPE community to get involved, not just through donations but also through volunteering, awareness campaigns, and more. Organizing virtual and on-ground events to showcase the progress and impact of the partnered projects.

Sustainability & Long-Term Impact

Prioritizing partnerships with charities that focus on sustainable solutions, ensuring long-term benefits for communities.

This includes projects like skill training, microfinance initiatives, and community-led development plans.

Cultural Sensitivity & Local Empowerment

Ensuring that all interventions respect local cultures, traditions, and values.

Collaborating closely with local leaders and community members to ensure projects are relevant and welcomed.

The MRS PEPE Project’s partnership with African and Asian Charities is a testament to our commitment to creating a better world.

By aligning with organizations that share our holistic view of poverty, we aim to drive meaningful change in communities that need it the most. This collaboration is not just about charity; it’s about empowerment, dignity, and hope. Together, with our community and these dedicated charities, we’re poised to make a lasting impact.

Press Release Announcement to Major News Networks covering all aspects of the new $MRS PEPE Project

Press releases are a critical tool in the arsenal of any project aiming for widespread recognition and credibility.
For the $MRS PEPE Project, they serve as a bridge between our innovative vision and the broader public, especially when communicated through major news networks. Here’s an in-depth look at our strategic approach to crafting and disseminating press releases for the $MRS PEPE Project.

Crafting a Compelling Narrative

Understanding that a press release is more than just an announcement; it’s a story. We’re focusing on crafting a compelling narrative that encapsulates the essence, vision, and potential of the $MRS PEPE Project. Highlighting the unique value propositions, innovations, and the problems we aim to solve in the crypto space.

Targeting Major News Networks

Identifying and targeting major news networks that cater to our target audience, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. Building relationships with journalists and editors who have a keen interest in blockchain, crypto, and tech innovations.

Clear & Concise Communication

Ensuring that our press releases are clear, concise, and free from jargon. While the crypto world is complex, our communications aim to be accessible to both experts and the general public. Incorporating quotes from key team members, offering insights and adding a personal touch to the release.

Visual Elements & Multimedia

Accompanying our press releases with high-quality visuals, infographics, and possibly video content to make them more engaging and shareable. Visuals help in simplifying complex concepts and offer a quick snapshot of what the $MRS PEPE Project entails.

Timely Distribution

Strategically timing the release of our press releases to coincide with major project milestones, announcements, or events. Ensuring that our announcements don’t clash with major global events, ensuring maximum visibility.

Interactive Press Kits

Providing journalists and news networks with comprehensive press kits that include background information, high-resolution images, FAQs, and more. This ensures they have all the resources they need to cover the $MRS PEPE Project comprehensively.

Feedback & Engagement

Actively monitoring the reception and feedback from our press releases. Engaging with journalists, answering queries, and offering additional insights when required.

Importance of Press Releases

Press releases serve as an official statement, lending credibility and authority to our announcements. They help in shaping public perception, driving awareness, and attracting potential investors, partners, and users. Major news networks amplify our reach, ensuring that the $MRS PEPE Project gets the attention it deserves on a global scale.

The preparation and dissemination of press releases for the $MRS PEPE Project are not just about information sharing; they’re about building a narrative, a brand, and a legacy. By strategically communicating our vision through major news networks, we aim to position $MRS PEPE as a trailblazer in the crypto world, capturing the imagination and trust of a global audience.

Launch off $MRS PEPE Global Ambassadors Network

The $MRS PEPE Ambassadors Global Network represents the pinnacle of community engagement and leadership.

This initiative is designed to identify, nurture, and empower individuals who can represent the $MRS PEPE brand on a global stage, acting as regional torchbearers and evangelists.

Here’s an in-depth exploration of this elite initiative.

Purpose & Vision

The Ambassadors Global Network is about creating a global tapestry of leaders who can champion the $MRS PEPE cause in their respective regions. These ambassadors will act as the face of $MRS PEPE, bridging the gap between the core team and local communities, ensuring the project’s ethos resonates worldwide.

Selection & Criteria

A rigorous selection process, identifying individuals who not only understand the project’s vision but also possess the leadership qualities, communication skills, and regional influence. Prior experience in blockchain, community management, or leadership roles would be a plus.

Roles & Responsibilities

Ambassadors will be tasked with spearheading regional marketing campaigns, organizing events, building partnerships, and fostering local communities. They will also act as the primary point of contact for their region, liaising between the core $MRS PEPE team and local stakeholders.

Training & Mentorship

Providing ambassadors with advanced training, equipping them with in-depth knowledge about the $MRS PEPE ecosystem, market trends, and strategic communication. Assigning mentors from the core team to guide ambassadors, ensuring they have the support and resources to excel in their roles.

Regional Customization

Empowering ambassadors to tailor strategies and initiatives that resonate with their specific region’s culture, preferences, and market dynamics. This ensures that the $MRS PEPE message is not just global but also locally relevant.

Feedback & Strategy Sessions

Organizing regular strategy sessions where ambassadors can share regional insights, challenges, and opportunities. This collective intelligence will be invaluable in shaping the project’s global strategy.

Rewards & Incentives

Recognizing the elevated role of ambassadors with a more substantial rewards structure. This could include a combination of token incentives, revenue shares from regional partnerships, exclusive access to features, or even sponsored trips to global $MRS PEPE events. Celebrating regional successes, ensuring ambassadors and their teams receive due recognition on global platforms.

Growth & Networking Opportunities

Offering ambassadors opportunities to network with industry leaders, attend global conferences, and represent $MRS PEPE at major events. Encouraging cross-regional collaborations, fostering a sense of global unity and shared purpose.

The $MRS PEPE Ambassadors Global Network is a testament to the project’s commitment to global outreach and community-driven leadership. By empowering regional leaders, the project aims to create a ripple effect, spreading the $MRS PEPE vision across continents and cultures and community driven leadership.

Our Ambassadors will not just be representatives; they will be pillars upon which the global success of $MRS PEPE will be built.

Uploading 60+ NEW PEPE Merchandise Products

Merchandising is a powerful tool to bolster brand identity, foster community spirit, and offer tangible touchpoints for enthusiasts.

The $MRS PEPE project, recognizing the potential of branded merchandise, is taking a significant leap by introducing over 80 new products to its e-commerce store.

Here’s a comprehensive dive into this expansive merchandising initiative.

Product Diversity

The 80+ new products span a wide range of categories, ensuring there’s something for every PEPE enthusiast. From apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, and caps to accessories like keychains, mugs, and posters. Special edition items, limited-time offers, and collector’s editions to cater to the most dedicated fans.

Quality Assurance

Collaborating with trusted manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that every product meets high-quality standards. Regular quality checks, ensuring that the merchandise not only looks good but is also durable and comfortable.

Branding & Design

Each product is meticulously designed to resonate with the $MRS PEPE brand identity. This includes the iconic PEPE imagery, project logos, and other related graphics. Collaborating with designers to ensure that the merchandise is not just branded but also trendy and aesthetically pleasing.

E-commerce Platform Enhancements

The https://merch.mrspepe.vip platform will undergo optimizations to handle the influx of new products, ensuring smooth navigation and a seamless shopping experience. Implementing advanced filters, search functionalities, and product categorization for easy browsing.

Product Descriptions & Imagery

High-resolution images from multiple angles for each product, giving shoppers a clear view of what they’re purchasing. Detailed product descriptions, including material information, care instructions, and sizing guides.

Promotions & Launch Offers

Introducing special launch offers, discounts, and bundle deals to celebrate the addition of the new merchandise. Exclusive offers for $MRS PEPE token holders or community members, fostering a sense of exclusivity and reward.

Shipping & Logistics

Expanding shipping options to cater to a global audience, ensuring $MRS PEPE enthusiasts worldwide can get their hands on the merchandise. Implementing tracking systems, expedited shipping options, and ensuring secure packaging.

Feedback & Reviews

Integrating a review system where buyers can rate products and share their feedback. Actively seeking feedback to continuously refine the product range, designs, and overall shopping experience.

Community Engagement

Hosting contests, giveaways, and promotional events centered around the new merchandise.

This could include “Wear your PEPE” contests, design challenges, or photo submissions.

Engaging with the community to understand their preferences for future merchandise additions.

The introduction of 60+ new merchandise products to the $MRS PEPE e-commerce store is more than just an expansion; it’s a celebration of the brand and its community.

By offering high-quality, branded products, the project aims to create tangible connections with its supporters, turning them into walking ambassadors for the brand.

With a focus on quality, design, and community engagement, the new merchandise line up promises to elevate the $MRS PEPE brand experience to new heights.

$MRS PEPE Official Discord Server Launch

In the rapidly evolving world of crypto and decentralized projects, community engagement is paramount. Discord, being a real-time communication platform, has emerged as a favorite hub for crypto communities. The completion and launch of the $MRS PEPE Official Discord Server will signify a new chapter in community engagement, offering a dynamic space for real-time interactions. Here’s a deep dive into its importance and significance.

Real-time Engagement

Discord allows for instantaneous communication, enabling the $MRS PEPE team to engage with the community in real-time, addressing queries, sharing updates, or simply bonding over shared interests.

Structured Communication

With various channels dedicated to specific topics, from announcements and general discussions to support and partnerships, Discord ensures that conversations are organized and easy to navigate. This structure ensures that users can find relevant information quickly and engage in discussions that interest them.

Voice & Video Channels

Beyond text, Discord offers voice and video channels, allowing for more personal and in-depth interactions. This can be particularly useful for AMAs (Ask Me Anything sessions), team introductions, or community meetups.

Community Building

The server acts as a virtual hangout spot for $MRS PEPE enthusiasts. It fosters camaraderie, allowing members to discuss, debate, collaborate, and even socialize, strengthening the community bonds.

Feedback Loop

The direct line of communication ensures that the team can gather feedback, suggestions, and insights from the community efficiently. This feedback is invaluable for refining and improving various aspects of the project.

Security & Moderation

Discord offers robust moderation tools. The $MRS PEPE team can ensure that the server remains a safe, respectful, and inclusive space for all members by curbing spam, misinformation, or any form of harassment.

Integration Capabilities

Discord can be integrated with various tools and bots, enhancing its functionality. For instance, bots can be set up to notify members of recent tweets, updates, or even market movements related to $MRS PEPE.

Exclusive Access & Roles

The platform allows for the creation of exclusive channels or roles. Loyal community members, early supporters, or special contributors can be granted exclusive access, roles, or privileges, fostering a sense of reward and recognition.

Global Reach

Discord’s accessibility ensures that $MRS PEPE enthusiasts from around the globe can join, making the community diverse and inclusive.

The $MRS PEPE Official Discord Server is more than just a communication platform; it’s the project’s heartbeat. It offers a space where the team and the community can converge, collaborate, and co-create. In the decentralized world, where community trust and engagement are the pillars of success, the Discord server stands as a testament to $MRS PEPE’s commitment to its community. As it nears completion and launch, the server promises to be a vibrant, dynamic, and invaluable hub for all things $MRS PEPE.

Sending selected MRS PEPE OG Members Sepolia Testnet $MRS PEPE Tokens to test our DAO

As part of our commitment to innovation and community involvement, we’re taking a significant step forward by testing our DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) functionalities. To ensure a smooth and effective testing phase, we’re sending Sepolia Testnet $MRS PEPE Tokens to our selected MRS PEPE OG (Original Gangster) Members. Here’s an in-depth look at this initiative.

Selection of OG Members

Based on various criteria, including longevity, activity, and contributions to the MRS PEPE community, we’ve handpicked a group of OG Members. These members represent a diverse cross-section of our community, ensuring varied feedback and comprehensive testing.

Purpose of Sepolia Testnet Tokens

The Sepolia Testnet tokens are not real tokens but serve as placeholders for testing purposes. They allow OG Members to interact with the DAO, propose changes, vote on decisions, and more, without using real tokens.

DAO Testing Objectives

Evaluate the functionality and user experience of the DAO. Identify potential vulnerabilities or issues that need rectification before the mainnet launch. Gather feedback on the voting mechanism, proposal submission, and other DAO features.

Training & Guidance

To ensure OG Members can effectively test the DAO, we’re providing tutorials, webinars, and resources on how to use Sepolia Testnet tokens within the DAO environment. Dedicated support channels will be available for any queries or issues during the testing phase.

Feedback Collection

A structured feedback mechanism will be in place, allowing OG Members to share their experiences, report bugs, and suggest improvements. Regular virtual meet-ups will be organized to discuss feedback and brainstorm solutions.

Security Measures

Even though these are testnet tokens, we’re implementing robust security measures to simulate a real-world environment. This ensures that when we transition to the mainnet, our DAO remains secure and resistant to potential threats.

Post-Testing Analysis

Once the testing phase concludes, our development team will analyze the collected data and feedback. Necessary changes and improvements will be made based on the insights gathered from the OG Members.

Acknowledgment & Rewards

To appreciate the efforts and contributions of the OG Members, they might receive special acknowledgments, badges, or rewards within the MRS PEPE ecosystem. Their invaluable feedback will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the MRS PEPE DAO.

The decision to involve our OG Members in the testing phase underscores the importance we place on community involvement. As we inch closer to realizing our DAO’s full potential, these testing initiatives with Sepolia Testnet tokens ensure that we’re building a platform that’s robust, user-friendly, and truly community-driven. We’re excited about this next chapter and are grateful to our OG Members for being an integral part of this journey.


Unleash your inner meme maestro with the $MRS PEPE MEME Creator APP!

Dive into a world of creativity and humor, crafting your very own memes with our intuitive and user-friendly Meme Maker Website App.

Whether you’re a meme newbie or a seasoned meme lord, our platform offers a fun-filled experience tailored for everyone.

But that’s not all! Join our weekly and monthly competitions, where the community votes for their favorite creations.

Stand a chance to win exciting prizes and earn your spot in the $MRS PEPE meme hall of fame!

Completion of PEPE SMASH Launching on Google Play

PEPE SMASH is the latest iteration of our popular game, bringing enhanced features, improved gameplay, and a
more immersive experience for our users.

As we approach the final stages of development and prepare for the

As we approach the final stages of development and prepare for the launch on Google Play,
here’s a deep dive into what’s happening behind the scenes.

Graphics & UI Enhancements

The graphics team is adding final touches to ensure visually appealing and intuitive interfaces.
Animations, character designs, and in-game assets are being optimized for a range of devices.

Performance Optimization

PEPE SMASH is being fine-tuned to ensure it runs seamlessly on various Android devices, from older models to the latest flagships. Memory usage, load times, and battery consumption are being optimized for an efficient gaming experience.

Integration with Google Play Services

Achievements, Leaderboards, and cloud saves are being integrated with Google Play Services to enhance the competitive aspect and allow users to save and pick up their game across devices.

Feedback Incorporation

Insights and suggestions from PEPE SMASH are being incorporated to make future versions more user-centric. Community feedback has been invaluable in shaping the new features and improvements.

Google Play Store Listing

Preparing high-quality game screenshots, promotional videos, and detailed descriptions for the Google Play listing. Ensuring all metadata, tags, and categorizations are accurate for better discoverability on the Play Store.

Launch Promotions

Collaborating with influencers and gaming communities to create buzz around the launch.
Planning in-game events and challenges to attract and engage players upon launch.

Get ready to dive deeper into the world of PEPE SMASH, and thank you for being on this journey with us!

(RoadMap Update)

  • Shilling: Over 60+ Professional Shillers Ready to go 5 Days Leading up to Launch
  • Ongoing RoadMap Updates: A Long-term Roadmap Page Dedicated To Updating the community on all things relating to $MRS PEPE
  • Awareness: Growing Interest Daily From Well-Known Industry Players
  • PPC Paid Ads: Ongoing PPC Ads ensuring continued Project Awareness
  • Discord: Unique Discord Soft Shilling in ETHER Focussed Groups
  • Ecosystem Expansion: Introducing new features, tools and utilities to enhance user experiences for MRS PEPE’s Token Holders.
  • Collaborations: Partnering with leading crypto projects and platforms to integrate and expand MRS PEPE’s offerings.
  • Education Initiatives: Launching webinars, workshops, and tutorials to educate newcomers about MRS PEPE and its benefits.
  • Community Engagement: Hosting regular AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions, feedback rounds, and community polls to involve our users in the project’s evolution.
  • Marketing Blitz: Rolling out a comprehensive marketing campaign across all major social media platforms.
  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaborating with crypto influencers to amplify MRS PEPE’s reach and credibility.
  • Exclusive Giveaways: Hosting MRS PEPE token giveaways to attract new users and reward our loyal community.
  • MRS PEPE Merchandise: Continuing to add exclusive lines of merchandise for our community members.
  • Global Expansion: Targeting new geographical markets to grow MRS PEPE’s global footprint.
  • Internal Tech Upgrades: Implementing cutting-edge blockchain technologies to ensure MRS PEPE remains at the forefront of innovation.
  • Governance Proposals: Empowering the community with voting rights on major project decisions.
  • NFT Marketplace: Launching a dedicated platform for MRS PEPE-themed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).
  • Cross-Chain Integration: Expanding MRS PEPE’s reach by integrating with other major blockchains.
  • Wallet Integration: Partnering with leading crypto wallets for seamless MRS PEPE token management.
  • Virtual Events: Hosting virtual summits and webinars with industry leaders and crypto experts.
  • PEPE Academy: Establishing an educational platform offering courses on crypto, blockchain, and MRS PEPE utilities.
  • API Development: Releasing public APIs for developers to create third-party applications around MRS PEPE.
  • Charity Initiatives: Allocating a portion of profits towards charitable causes, emphasizing community-driven selections.
  • Referral Programs: Fine Tuning our Volunteer & Ambassador programs for incentive-based referral systems to encourage community growth.
  • PEPE DEX: Continual Upgrades and new features on our proprietary decentralized exchange for easy swapping of MRS PEPE tokens.
  • Localized Communities: Creating region-specific MRS PEPE communities to cater to global users in their native languages.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Integration: Introducing AR features, allowing users to interact with MRS PEPE in the real world.
  • PEPE Labs: A Dedicated R&D wing to explore and implement cutting-edge blockchain technologies exclusively for MRS PEPE.
  • Green Initiatives: Committing to eco-friendly practices, including carbon-neutral blockchain operations.
  • User Experience (UX) Enhancements: Regularly updating the main website interface based on user feedback for optimal navigation.
  • PEPE Fest: Organizing an annual online/offline event celebrating the MRS PEPE community and its achievements.
  • Expansion of PEPE Games Arcade: Introducing next P2E Game (PEPE CASHPRO) – 1 month after launch, solidifying MRS PEPE’s position in the Play 2 Earn Sector.

A New Dawn for MRS PEPE

Token Holders to Be Optimistic

The MRS PEPE project is entering an exciting new phase, and there’s every reason for token holders to be optimistic about the future.

With a new leadership team at the helm with a combination of years of industry experience, plus a meticulously planned Tokenomics model crafted for MRS PEPE v2, the project is poised for unprecedented growth and stability.

Here’s why you should be confident and excited about what lies ahead for MRS PEPE.

Expertly Crafted Tokenomics

One of the most compelling aspects of the new MRS PEPE project is the carefully designed tokenomics.

Collaborating with a mathematician who consults globally on complex tokenomic contracts ensures that the economic model behind MRS PEPE is not just robust but also sustainable.

This level of expertise is rare in the crypto space and bodes well for the project’s long-term viability.

Fair and Simple Tax Structure

To ensure the project has adequate funding to achieve its ambitious goals, a simple and fair 1% buy and 3% sell tax will now apply.

This tax is designed to provide the project with a steady revenue stream, enabling continuous development and growth without compromising fairness to token holders.

Maximum Wallet Size for Greater Stability

The implementation of a maximum wallet size of 1% of the total supply is another smart move.

This measure will prevent any single entity from accumulating too much power, thereby contributing to price stability and a more democratic ecosystem.

Innovative Cooldown Mechanism

While the initial v2 contract on the SEPOLIA testnet was unfortunately mislabelled as a “honeypot” by outdated token sniffers and rug checkers misreading the code due to its innovative cooldown mechanism, the intention behind this feature was purely to stabilize the price chart giving Mrs Pepe Token Holders peace of mind so we would not experience wild swings within hours as was the case in the past.

The mechanism, which would have imposed an 8-hour cooldown between trades with a tiered tax system for subsequent trades penalizing front running advanced sniper trading bots, was designed to minimize volatility and ensure a stable growth trajectory.

The team had planned to be fully transparent about this feature, highlighting the project’s commitment to openness and community engagement.

Nonetheless, we will be raising this issue immediately with outdated cookie cutter token checkers that a lot of investors first go to check prior to investing into a token.

For this reason we have kept the door open in the v2 smart contract to include this mechanism once the industry catches up (perhaps they should start using AI?).

A point the team will push for within the industry to not only protect quality projects like MRS PEPE but many other quality projects who would appreciate the same safety the mechanism brings to the trading chart.

Seasoned Leadership with Industry Acumen

The newly appointed leadership team steering the MRS PEPE project are no strangers to the crypto world. This leadership team in general are not just crypto veterans but also a well-known figures in industry circles.

The teams knack for staying ahead of the curve with emerging trends ensures that MRS PEPE will benefit from cutting-edge innovations and strategic alignments.

This wealth of experience, especially in navigating through the complexities of bear markets, equips the project with unparalleled insights and a balanced outlook that can only come from years of hands-on involvement in the sector.

The new developments at MRS PEPE are not just incremental improvements; they are transformative changes that position the project for long-term success.

From the expertly designed tokenomics to the innovative stability and experienced leadership, every aspect has been carefully considered to benefit the community.

As we move forward, token holders can expect even greater strategies for more robust growth, with a project that truly values its community.

With such a strong foundation and an army of loyal token holders which will exponentially increase, the future looks incredibly bright for MRS PEPE and its community.

Strategically Preparing for MRS PEPE v2 Relaunch

The new leadership team that took the reins of MRS PEPE have been working tirelessly to ensure all aspects of the project relaunch go as smooth as possible.

Strategic decisions, meticulous planning, and execution have set the stage for an exciting relaunch of MRS PEPE v2.

Here’s a detailed look at the team preparation so far and why they are pivotal for the success of the relaunch:

New Contract Deployed Ready for Launch

Significance: Deploying a new contract is akin to laying the foundation of a building.

It ensures that the technical aspects of $MRS PEPE v2 are robust, secure, and scalable.

This move not only instils confidence in existing stakeholders but also attracts potential investors, knowing that the project is built on a solid technical foundation.




Company like Structure Implemented into the Project

Significance: Transitioning to a company-like structure brings in a level of professionalism, accountability, and organization.

It ensures that roles are clearly defined, responsibilities are allocated, and there’s a streamlined process for decision-making.

This structure is crucial for scalability and efficient management, especially as the project grows post-relaunch.




Social Media Setup of New Channels

Significance: In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is indispensable.

By setting up channels across platforms like YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, and working on our Discord Server close to being completed which will link to our TG, $MRS PEPE is ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

A dedicated social media team ensures consistent messaging, timely updates, and active community engagement, all of which are vital for the project’s success.

Contribute: Make sure to follow, like and share every post on all our $MRS PEPE Social Media Channels




Professional Branding for $Mrs Pepe in Place

Significance: Branding is more than just a logo or a tagline; it’s about creating a unique identity and a memorable impression.

Professional branding ensures that MRS PEPE stands out in a crowded market, resonates with its target audience, and establishes trust and credibility




Contract Professionally Audited with a Score of 95%

Significance: An audit, especially with such a high score, is a testament to the project’s security and reliability.

It ensures that the contract is free from vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

This move significantly boosts investor confidence, as they can be assured that their investments are secure.





Professional Whitepaper Released

Significance: A whitepaper is the backbone of any blockchain project, offering in-depth insights into its vision, technical aspects, and future plans.

Releasing a professional whitepaper signifies transparency and commitment to educating potential investors and stakeholders.

It provides a clear understanding of the project’s goals and how the team plans to achieve them, fostering trust and credibility.





PEPEDEX.PRO for Efficient and Cost Effective Trading

Significance: PEPEDEX.PRO’s readiness ensures that users have a seamless platform to trade MRS PEPE.

With activated APIs ensuring reduced gas fees, it addresses one of the major pain points in the crypto trading world.

Furthermore, by opening doors for other projects to list their tokens, it paves the way for cross-project community promotions, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration in the crypto space.





Creation and Implementation of Mrs Pepe DAO for True Community Governance

Significance: The establishment of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for Mrs Pepe signifies a commitment to decentralized decision-making and community involvement.

DAOs empower token holders by giving them a voice in the project’s direction, ensuring that decisions are made in the best interest of the community.

This democratic approach can lead to increased trust, loyalty, and engagement from stakeholders, as they feel a genuine sense of ownership and influence over the project’s trajectory.





Ecommerce Mrs Pepe Merchandise Store with Expanding Inventory

Significance: The release of an ecommerce store dedicated to Mrs Pepe merchandise not only serves as an additional revenue stream but also strengthens the brand’s identity.

With 60+ items already in stock and more in the design phase, it showcases the project’s commitment to expanding its brand presence and offering fans tangible ways to connect with Mrs Pepe.





PEPE SMASH on Google Play Store

Significance: Having a game like PEPE SMASH on the Google Play Store not only diversifies the project’s offerings but also serves as a marketing tool.

The game’s updates and improvements show the team’s commitment to delivering quality products.

PEPE SMASH will continue to be updated, which indicates continuous innovation and enhancement, keeping users engaged and attracting new ones.